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  Positioning a Surveillance Trailer at the entrance to your job site provides the following benefits:

- Maximum visibility to deter passers by and let them know you're watching   (Can be seen from over a mile away)

- 24/7 audio/video archival with 4 or 8 camera views

- Deter materials theft, Vandalism, and Trespassing 

- Insurance benefits, Including potential recording of Accidents, Storm damage, or Fire 

- Track Job Site performance and Employee  activities  

Included features:

- 4 camera views

- footage retrieval upon request

- flashing led warning lights

- warning signs posted 

Available Options:

-up to 8 camera views

- full solar power

- onsite viewing via wifi

- remote viewing via cellular

- motion activated site lighting 

Solar Powered Video Surveillance Trailer for Jobsite
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